Friday, May 09, 2014

The Discoverers (2012)

Alan Smithee was recently watching episodes of The Rockford Files (1974–1980) on DVD and finding that it is even better than he remembered. Among many great characters, Angel Martin (the Eddie Haskell of Rockford) especially entertains. Stuart Margolin won two Emmys for the role, and he is on Alan Smithee's list of People Who Should Get Much More Work.

Thankfully, he recently got more work in The Discoverers (2012). Alan Smithee was initially concerned when Margolin's character was struck mute, but fortunately, the creators of the film knew that Mr. Margolin is at his most entertaining when he's speaking. He gets a fair amount of lines to dig his teeth into, and the audience is grateful. The rest of the cast is uniformly good (David Rasche is especially funny), and the story never lags. It plays like a happier Alexander Payne film.
Nitpick: Becky Ann Baker and Scott Adsit are too entertaining to be limited to one great moment apiece.

The film is in limited release in New York City. Tell your friends. 

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