Sunday, May 11, 2008

Made of Honor (2008)

Alan Smithee admits that his life right now is not scintillating. That explains why he prefers attending first run movies of questionable quality to whatever it is he does when he is not at the movies.

The critics said Made of Honor was a "cookie-cutter comedy," a predictable "paint by numbers" movie. They receive a generous salary for telling us what we already know. Romantic comedies are based on a tired formula, but some do entertain. We need to know if this is one of them.

Alan Smithee is here to tell you: it is not. "Made of Honor" is one of those double entendre titles that has no second entendre. Who or what is "made of honor" in the film? Answer: nothing. That should be a hint of the level of brainpower behind the script.

The actors are more than up to the task, and the film is well directed, but Alan Smithee found that it could not hold his attention, and he began to recall the details of his life outside the theater, precisely what he goes to the movies to forget.

Depressing, at best.


dennis said...

Dennis saw a movie that guy was in--with Reese Witherspoon? yeah...and Candace Bergen as his mom. anyway Dennis didn't like it or him. Dennis is pretty sure it was that guy. Maybe not. Dennis still doesn't like him anyway. hssss.

VE said...

Sorry, but my Chick Flick - o - Meter (trademarked) went off very loudly as I tried to make an informed movie decision...and promptly opted for Iron Man. I mean there were lots of love scenes in it...I loved all those action scenes.

dennis said...

Dennis wants a new review!

Chedwick University said...

Good grief! You spend $ watching chick flicks?

Please go see an action film!