Thursday, May 29, 2008

Iron Man (2008)

Alan Smithee couldn't give a crap about the Iron Man comic, and he is unfamiliar with the original story. He went to this movie solely because of his well-documented love of the performances of Mr. Robert Downey Jr.

Mr. Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, a wealthy industrialist who - frankly, Alan Smithee didn't care. As long as Downey Jr. was on-screen, all was well. Gwyneth Paltrow, long a Smithee favorite, brings pizazz to her disappointingly small role, and director Jon Favreau keeps the action rolling swiftly along.

Iron Man is at its best when documenting Stark's construction and fine-tuning of his creation. The film culminates in an overlong battle between Iron Man and Who Cares that introduces the first moments of boredom to the film, but that was to be expected. Iron Man fans and those who fetishize special effects, however, will cream their jeans.

While giving Robert Downey Jr. a large amount of money is probably, in the long run, a bad idea, if the result is films like this, then Alan Smithee feels that sacrificing the life of one actor for the entertainment of millions is the right thing to do.


Kurt said...

What about Jeff Bridges. Was he as luscious as always?

VE said...

Yes, Robert Downey Jr. made that movie for sure. The special effects were top notch though. Jeff Bridges was interesting as a bad guy; he doesn't play one often.