Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Little Children (2006)

Little Children, like American Beauty (1999) before it, thinks it has something really deep to say about modern suburban life: things are not as they seem, there's something sinister just underneath the surface, etc., etc., etc. But without Kevin Spacey to entertain, all that remains is the unpleasantness and the contrivances.

Critics responded to the film's patina of seriousness, ignoring its conventional plot and heavy-handed symbolism. Meanwhile, they panned masterpieces like Sky High (2005), one of the best films of the '00s, simply because it is about a high school for teen superheroes.

And though Alan Smithee has admired Jackie Earle Haley since his unaffected performance in Breaking Away (1979), viewers should also take notice of Noah Emmerich's portrayal of the disgraced policeman. Astonishing.


casey said...

i loved it except for the evil documentary filmmaker
and the conventional adulterous affair
and the over-the-top suburban house -wives
i guess the only thing i really loved was that pool scene

laura r. said...

are you watching Fox's On the Lot?

Truly Twisted Sister said...
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