Friday, March 16, 2007

Zodiac (2007)

Alan Smithee has written here before about his appreciation of the film performances of Mr. Robert Downey Jr. If Zodiac has a weakness, it is the too-early departure of Mr. Downey from the film.

To its teaspoon of Downey, Zodiac adds a full cup the delicious Mark Ruffalo and subtracts three heaping tablespoons of Jake Gyllenhaal who, though not a Smithee favorite, is used to not wholly unpleasant effect.

If, like Alan Smithee, you feel you just can't go on, pop into the theater for a matinee of Zodiac. 2 1/2 hours later, you may not even remember that you had completely lost your way.


Anonymous said...

Mark Ruffalo. He is delish if you like completely forgetful and nervous leading men. I get cramps just watching him. I find myself squinting at the screen watching his squinty eyes.

I still don't know why Gyllenhaal has hit the big time. Maybe that's because I didn't see the boy cowboy flick.

I hope Alan Smithee reviews Flicka. That was some quality acting. Who knew Tim McGraw could be THAT sexy AND act??? OH, and he sings, too. All I know is he looks good in tight jeans--which he keeps pulled up and fastened most of the time.

Julia said...

Julia wishes Alan Smithee would review some movies with other delicious actors like her favorites, Matthew McConaughey and Heath Ledger.