Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Illusionist (2006)

Those of us in the know were watching Seventh Heaven long before it was recognized as the greatest unintentional satire on television. We therefore watched Jessica Biel grow from a horsey 14-year old to the girl who sat in a sink in her underwear for Gear magazine.

Well, apparently sitting in sinks in your underwear gets motion picture deals. Ms. Biel, playing Sophie, draws from her meager talents to, surprisingly, not stink up the screen. Edward Norton does his Edward Norton thing to great effect, and Paul Giamatti makes us forget he is Paul Giamatti - no small feat.

The film botches only the ending by explaining everything, then explaining it some more, then some more, then checking to see if we got it.


karma said...

I sit in my sink all of the time. No movie roles have been offered as of yet.

Frankkumon said...

Paul Giamatti (Bacon Number of 2) is well on the way to becoming the next Kevin Bacon.

Roger said...

Darned I thought that would be a good movie