Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling (1997)

Max Beesley, who went on to glory in the astonishing Glitter (2001), first honed his craft as Tom Jones in this 300 minute BBC production. Alan Smithee currently isn't working, so he has plenty of time to watch 300 minute productions of all kinds.

A young Samantha Morton appears as Sophia Western, and though this was before she turned all weird, there are early signs. Witness the frightening and inexplicable guttural screaming with which she twice surprises the viewer (and, we presume, the director).

One of the more interesting things one learns watching this production is that the woman Tom loves pronounces her name "Sew-fie-yah."

Enjoyable, particularly for those with no other sources of joy in their lives.


Lisa H. said...

The Albert Finney/Michael York version of TJ is obviously superior.

Twisted Sister said...

You crack me up using first person to talk about yourself. LOL
If you want to work I hope you find a job soon but if you don't enjoy the hell out of those movies. ;)

Twisted Sister is a nut.

Peter Donnelly said...

Why does young Sophia call Tom 'Mr Jones' instead of Master when he is a boy?

Alan Smithee said...

An excellent question to which Alan Smithee does not have an answer.