Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Muppet Christmas Carol

On November 29, The Muppet Christmas Carol will finally be available on DVD. Muppets fans and children everywhere are saying It's about fuckin time! There was a DVD produced in 2002, but it was a fullscreen pan-and-scan version. The new DVD will contain the widescreen theatrical release of TMCC and the fullscreen home video version, which had an additional musical number. Confusingly comprehensive!

This 1992 retelling of the Dickens classic wowed critics and viewers and demonstrated that the Muppets were still in top form despite the death of Jim Henson, the Disney buyout and the rising anti-puppetry movement. There is a reason why the Chinese government will not allow their citizens access to Muppet DVDs and why the The Muppet Movie is so hot on their black market. The Muppets are about individual expression and the freedom to be who you are. As they say in China, 它不是容易是綠色的 (It's Not Easy Bein' Green).

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karma said...

best. movie. about. muppets. ever. made.