Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Katherine (1975) TV

This 1975 TV movie showcased the burgeoning talents of Henry Winkler, who was already astonishing critics as Arthur Fonzarelli AKA "The Fonz" on TV's Happy Days, and Sissy Spacek, who would appear the following year in the popular Carrie. Spacek plays an upper-class American who travels to Guatemala and discovers injustice. She returns home to realize that there is just as much injustice in America "only it's more hidden." She decides to make a difference through radical bombings. Art Carney was nominated for an Emmy for his naturalistic portrait of a father unable to understand his daughter or her bomb-making.

Unfortunately, Katherine is only available at the 99 cent store on an illegal Digiview Productions DVD or as a used VHS tape on Amazon. It is well worth spending every free day you have to find it.


laura r. said...

i love sissy spacek.
did you see 'night mother?

Alan Smithee said...

Alan Smithee sees every film.

karma said...

I just saw this movie! Sadly, Henry's talent is just lightly burgeoning in it. The talent is there, like in Happy Days, "only it's more hidden."