Saturday, July 25, 2015

Stream of Love (Szerelempatak) 2013

A wonderful documentary with one of the best elderly-women-rolling-down-a-hill scenes in years. Director Agnes Sos shot the film over two and a half years, which may explain why her subjects seem not to notice the camera at all as they chat amongst themselves, or why they are unselfconscious as they speak to her about their sex lives.

Alan Smithee unfortunately saw this lovely film with an audience of young urbanites. Because they believe their world is the best and most sophisticated of all possible worlds, they are able to laugh when elderly people from rural Hungary describe their first sexual experiences. The tens of thousands of hours they've spent in communion with their phones hasn't helped them to imagine life from someone else's point of view.

One elderly man described how, in his youth, when a couple had sex, the man was on top, and the woman cradled his head, and the couple would "melt together." Apparently, if you are a young sophisticate, this rather touching reminiscence is hilarious. Because the way you think and feel about sex is far more refined than how others have felt about it in the past.

Only a young person could write "the villagers may be old and near death, but...their love lives are nowhere near over." It must be nice to be young and immortal.

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