Monday, May 16, 2011

A few short reviews

Bridesmaids (2011)
The greatest film of 2011 so far. Can someone get Alan Smithee Kristen Wiig's phone number (also a job and some attractive personality traits)?

Boots Malone (1952)
When Alan Smithee was young, he used to hang out in the stables at the racetrack. Surprised? He is qualified to say that this film about a washed-up agent training a young jockey for a big race is full of realistic details of life at the track. William Holden is a bit too screamy at times, and the ending contains exactly zero surprises, but overall, the film entertains.

Triple Agent (2004)
Alan Smithee has always enjoyed the chatty films of Eric Rohmer, but as the chatter in this film is about 1930's European politics, a subject about which Alan Smithee was poorly schooled, this one was a tough slog.


Casey said...

This is impressive, agreed re Bridesmaids...though have you seen The House Bunny??

Alan Smithee said...

The House Bunny is a winner. It reminds Alan Smithee of "Pumpkin." Sadly, he seems to be the only supporter of that film.

Casey said...


tony said...

I Must Watch Bridesmaids.Sorry,cant help with that phone number.+ Jobs & Personality Traits are in short supply here in England at The Moment.

tut-tut said...

The guy who cuts my hair walked OUT of Bridesmaids because it was so offensive.