Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iron Man 2 (2010)

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone called Iron Man 2 "A total blast." A.O. Scott of The New York Times said IM2 is "More of the same, with emphasis on more." Roger Ebert called it "a polished, high-octane sequel." All lies.

The truth: Alan Smithee favorite Robert Downey coasts through most of the film, though the writing doesn't give him much to work with. Scarlett Johansson tries once again to get by on her alleged sultriness and fails (and bores everyone). The story comes alive only sparingly, in between all the flying/shooting/yelling, as when Tony Stark discovers and synthesizes a new element.

Some other bright spots: Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke emerge from the muddle to entertain. Gwyneth Paltrow (who needs to hire a nanny so she can get back to work entertaining the world) is given more to do this time, and we appreciate it.

But Alan, you ask, this bitch is long - is it worth my time? First of all, call me Mr. Smithee. Second of all: no. Alan Smithee was able to make it through IM2 because he was transfixed by the aforementioned exceptional performances, but the film as a whole kinda sucks.


tony said...

Yea, A Fair Summary.Not The Worst But Not the best Either!

Don, American Idle said...

I love Gwyneth. I REALLY love Gwyneth.

Megan said...

Didn't work for me, especially when I finally realized I'd been staring at the screen for over half an hour with no idea of what I'd just seen. "Oooh! Shiny!"

Mickey done good, though. I was worried, but turns out my worry was misplaced. Man stole every scene he was in.

The offspring has Scarlett as his wallpaper. You gotta admit she had good hair. In fact, good hair all around...

Casey said...

Good to know!