Monday, December 18, 2006

Bus 174 (2002)

In case you haven't heard enough bad news, Bus 174 is here to tell you 1. the streets of Brazil are filled with homeless children, and 2. the police occasionally open fire on them in groups, and 3. when they are sleeping on the streets, people will drop paving stones on their heads and smoosh their skulls. Good times.

Apparently, one of the street kids who did not get shot or smooshed took a bus full of people hostage one day. He used the opportunity to bring attention to the plight of the homeless, but the general population was not ready for his message. After his capture, the crowd rushed in to exact revenge. The police fended them off, but only so they could suffocate him in the privacy of their squad car.

But in this, the Holiday season, Alan Smithee is quick to note that Brazil does not have a corner on poverty and racism. Now, what's on Lifetime?

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Twisted Sister said...

After that review, twisted sister will be watching Lifetime. :)