Sunday, May 14, 2006

"The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries" (1977-78)

Sometimes we rent a DVD of a film or television show that we know is not important or accomplished simply because it evokes memories for us. Old sensations return and we feel young again.

Pamela Sue Martin gave me such a hard-on as a teenager that I had to put The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries in my Netflix queue as soon as I received the email alert that it had been released.

This girl could solve mysteries with the best of the boys. She didn't take any guff, which was a huge turn-on for those small boys who love powerful yet incredibly hot women.

A review is beside the point. I assume the stories will be contrived and the production quality will be mediocre. But the boners will be hard and lasting.


karma said...

I can't even imagine what Wonder Woman must have done for you as a small boy? or even now?

Twisted Sister said...

So, Nancy Drew got to your nether regions huh? ;)

OMG, I had this huge crush on Sean Cassidy and I watched all of those Hardy Boys Mysteries. I even went to see Sean in concert when I was 13. Wahahahahaha!! In today's time that was 29 years ago. lol