Friday, March 03, 2006

The Rockford Files

Season One of The Rockford Files (1974) is now out on DVD, which means it's time to take some sick days at work, drop the pets off at the kennel and sit down for some serious viewing.

The first thing you wonder as the DVD disappears into the player is Will Rockford compare with my memory of it? Episode One (The Kirkoff Case) begins, and you notice that James Garner is a little dumpier and more pear-shaped than you remembered. However, the show still astonishes.

What can one say? The concept is brilliant; Not until Trapper John MD (1979) would another TV character live in a trailer in a parking lot. The dialogue is some of the best ever filmed. Though the early episodes include protracted car chases, one only has to remember that James Garner allegedly did all his own driving for the show and the excitement returns.

Work can wait. Rent this today.

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karma said...

if you squint, the pear-shapedness is less obvious.