Friday, April 22, 2005

Kung Fu - featuring David Carradine

Kung Fu came out of left field. TV viewers across the nation asked themselves "What the fuck is this?" If you watched Kung Fu in its original run, and if you are truly honest with yourself, you have to admit that 90% of your world view was formed by Caine's philosophy. It is unclear whether this is a testament to the writers of Kung Fu or the emptiness of modern American life.


Cody said...

hahaha.......too much. I actually, sad as it may seem, luv him....and contemplated buying his new Thai Chi Instructional Video for only....what....$150 dollars....but declined because....I'm broke.

Kurt said...

I still do the Tai Chi warm up exercises I learned from the David Carradine video I checked out of the library in 2002.